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The lightning theif

The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 1) 1st (first) Edition by Riordan, Rick published by Disney-Hyperion (2006) - Rich Riordan

I like this book because it has many good qualities that we can learn from.But I am only gonna talk about resilience i feel that no matter what knocks us down we should not give up and stand back up.during the start of Percy Jackson going to camp half blood he was required to play a small game called capture the flag.He was the blue team and had to capture the red teams flag.He was fast and reached the red team side in no time. But before he could reach the flag a demigod called annabeth cut him off and Percy had to fight her before he could get the flag.Annabeth being Athena's daughter the god of wisdom when it comes to battle was very skillful and smart she beat Percy in no time,but Percy did not give up he stood back up even when he got beaten down.Percy being at the verge of death heard a voice call out to him asking him to go to the water.Percy used all the strength he had left crawled to the water and the water healed him and made him stronger,stronger than annabeth and faster. He beat her very easily.